Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Undetected Water Loss Leads to Mold

Sometimes renovations can lead to new discoveries. Sometimes they are cute stories of people finding notes from previous home owners, old Coke/Pepsi cans that the builders left behind the walls, or anything along those lines. Other times you feel like you are hit with 300x more stress and worry of the amount your reconstruction and now mold mitigation is going to cost you.

Pet stains in Anthem

Based off the photo and the title we are sure one can see what this photo is about. We were requested to do a carpet cleaning as there had been some pet stains and pet odors. The customer requested we take pictures with a black light so they could see the amount of pet urine in the home. Unfortunately for this home owner while the home was in the process of selling the back door was left open allowing stray cats to come in and out of the home. If your home has an odor that will not go away give us a call at 602-341-6737

Water Damage in Surprise

This home in Surprise had a roof leak after the storms that caused snow to cover parts of the valley. Some of the tiles on their roof were knocked down by the wind allowing the sheathing to become saturated causing water to leak from the ceiling. Unfortunately the homeowner was not able to catch the leak for a few days as they were on vacation. This caused slightly more damage than one would have expected. If your surprise home has water damage SERVPRO of Paradise Valley can help!

Warm Showers - Water Restoration

Who likes steamy showers??? Who turns the fan on? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second you should consider changing your habits. Why? Pictured is mold in a bathroom ceiling from the continuous humidity levels from taking a warm shower with the fan not on. We understand you do not want to take a nice warm shower and step out to freezing cold but a little suffering now prevents suffering later!

Water Removal and Dehumidification

Sometimes it can be picky spotting a leak... other times it is done quickly. One leak that was spotted quickly is the one pictured. We knew the source of the loss was in the bathroom and after examining the toilet the crack was spotted immediately. If you find a crack in your toilet be sure to fix the problem sooner so you do not have to have a water loss like this family did.

Mold Remediation

Every room in this home was affected by mold from floor to ceiling. This was also including the contents (beds, fridge, microwave, clothes, etc.). The home was left unattended for an extended amount of time and unfortunately had a leak in the ceiling. This created the prefect conditions for mold to grow.

Swamp Cooler - Water Removal

Who has seen one of these before? Until we went to the owner’s house I could say I never have before, not how this one looked at least. What is shown in the picture is a swamp cooler inside the home. The homeowner requested our services because it had been leaking which caused a water issue and a slight mold issue. Once the plumber fixed the leak we set up fans and a dehumidifier to dry the walls (that we were not planning on cutting/removing because of mold) and the carpet. The mold was on the ceiling in that area, behind the cooler, and on the other side of the back wall.

Water/Mold Damage in Paradise Valley 85253

Looking at this photo it almost seems like the floor is just muddy/dirty. In this case it is not that easy. If you take a closer look you will see that that "mess" is a mixture of some dirt (dirt is an everyday occurance that gets into your home), mold, and discoloration of the cabinents. You can also see how the water is affecting the floors. The floors are beginning to bend and break. While we were there the floors/walls/cabinents were still wet and the home owners were not sure when the leak started. Always remember the sooner we are out there the sooner we can start getting the water out to try and prevent mold.