Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Can anyone guess the service being provided in this apartment? That is right duct cleaning (the title gave it away I know). If your home or business is in need of a duct cleaning give us a call to schedule and answer any questions you may have.

Important Documents in Phoenix 85003

When you are a lawyer, insurance agent, adjuster, judge or any other profession were documents matter, we’ve got you covered! Thankfully the lawyer’s office that is pictured did not have any wet or damp documents. The drywall was wet and on the backside of the light there was a small amount of mold. The reason this office had a water issue was the toilet was overflowing and no one noticed for 24 hours. If the documents had been wet and needed to be dried before any further damage could be done. We know what steps to take and how to get the documents prepared for our drying chamber. Our drying chamber is located at our corporate location in Tennessee which from Paradise Valley Arizona is miles upon miles away. So how do we prevent the documents from further damage? Simple, you freeze them. If you would like to know more information about our document restoration please give us a call!

Accidents Happen - Water Removal

Before I explain what we did in the picture I will give some background as to what happened. This home was bought by someone and was being remodeled. The contractor accidently stepped on the sprinkler system for the house which caused water to leak. The picture shown is what we do to try and save the flooring and/or drywall from swelling or having to get replaced. One dehumidifier goes to the floor and one goes to the ceiling with multiple fans placed accordingly. Accidents happen, if you accidently break something (I've been there) do not hesitate to call!

Esplanade Sewage Backup Phoenix 85016

This was the aftermath of a sewage backup in one of the condos at the Esplanade Place. We try to save as much as we possibly can to make the process easier for everyone involved. We are always striving to make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In this picture you can see that one of our members is cleaning a condo for the Arizona Biltmore. In this specific condo there was multiple stains in which we were asked to remove. Since taking this picture, the Arizona Biltmore has trusted us to clean their carpets time and time again.

Batteries Plus Bulbs in Scottsdale 85254

A fire sprinkler system broke in the unit next door and created several inches of standing water in this Batteries Plus Bulbs business. We worked hard to allow this business to function again "Like it never even happened." One of the many reasons we work hard is because we understand that when we are called to a business every second counts. In the picture you are seeing Tyler extracting the water and Andrew speaking with the manager of the store.

Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning

If your carpets, couches or rugs are starting to look a little worn and dirty, spruce them up with a nice cleaning. We can work around your schedule, early morning, mid day... Give us a call! Commercial & Residential.