Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Subfloor Mold - Mold Remediation

We were called out to this job as the homeowner was getting new carpet installed but it was discovered they had mold in the subflooring. We quickly remediated so the new carpet could be installed sooner rather than later.

Mold can grow anywhere

Sometimes when we go to a home for mold removal we have to think outside the box to make sure we do not leave any of it behind. What you are seeing in the picture is a drawer right next to a stove filled with mold on in the inside. You can also see mold in the crack between the stove and the counter top. If you have a mold or a water problem we are here for you 24/7 everyday of the year.

Leaking water heater in a PV home 85253

How many of you like a nice warm shower, I know I do! Sometimes our most precious tool to heat that water up fails us. This picture was taken in a closet that was in front of the utility room where the water heater leaked.

Mold / Mildew Remediation

Water damage left unaddressed can result in microbial (mold) growth. Mold can present serious health issues if not addressed promptly and correctly. Proper containment is needed to ensure the job is done right.