Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage in Paradise Valley 85253

Who needs to keep their windows open when you can just keep your ceiling open! Saves you money on electricity, and all you must do in the summer to keep it cool is to put ice cubes in the hole to cool the air down. Obviously, I am joking as having a hole in your roof/ceiling is a major issue and will end up costing more for your electricity bill. This homeowner was out of town for a weekend and no one was there to notice the roof was leaking which caused the hole you see pictured. When you see a leak get it checked out immediately, it may be nothing, but you never know! Better to find out sooner rather than later.

Checking Carpet Paradise Valley 85253

What you do not see in the image is the water stain coming from the ceiling. The homeowner thought it was an issue from before he got the house so he did not think much of it. After a small storm he then noticed that it was an active issue. He began by repairing his roof and then gave us a call to assist with the mold. You can tell with the amount of mold and the rusted nails that this had been an issue for some time. If you notice a water stain that you are unsure was there before a storm or not call us right away! We give no cost estimates and will try to help you in any way possible!

Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best!

When dealing with the everyday struggle of being a home owner/renter the above statement sums it up perfectly. In this picture we were called by the homeowner as he noticed multiple "bubbles" in his ceiling. If he did not notice this and called us out immediately the damage could have been worse. Instead the water damage was isolated in the kitchen and was quickly restored

Rooftop Debris in Paradise Valley 85253

This was the result of a storm blowing debris into a drain therefore clogging it. The water then slowly deteriorated the roof and went undetected until the ceiling fell in. Luckily the most "damage" was done in the garage rather than in the house itself.

Roof Leak in Garage in Scottsdale 85254

This was the result of a leaking roof after debris clogged one of the drains. The water had no where to go so it started to deteriorate the roof until it finally started leaking into the garage.  

Cold air funnels

Cold air funnels most the time are harmless as they rarely touch the ground to become tornadoes. However, that does not mean that the rain that is usually involved can't wreck havoc on your home. We are here for you 24/7!