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Paradise Valley Residents - Are You Prepared For Monsoon Season & Potential Flooding?

8/1/2020 (Permalink)

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Monsoon season is officially here and we need to be ready and prepared now more than ever. Here are some basic safety tips to ensure you and your family stay safe BEFORE disaster strikes!


The best way to stay safe, avoid lightning, flash floods, and other dangerous conditions is by not being in danger in the first place. Take a minute to research the weather before heading out, this may include:

  • Scan the skies overhead before leaving a safe location
  • Watching current weather forecasts on TV or the internet
  • Listening to weather reports on the radio 


Every family should prepare a family emergency supply kit in the event of severe weather conditions. The emergency supply kit should contain essential items such as food, water, and sturdy clothing, to sustain a family for up to three days since electric power, gas and water services may be interrupted. Some items we recommend in your kit can include:

  • Three gallons of water in clean, closed containers for each person and pet
  • First aid kit
  • A stock of food that requires no cooking or refrigeration
  • Portable and working battery-operated radio, flashlights, and extra batteries
    (Candles and oil lamps are fire hazards)
  • Necessary medications
  • Back-up power source for life support or other medical equipment that requires electricity to function


More deaths each year occur due to flooding than from any other thunderstorm-related hazard because people underestimate the force and power of water. Many of the deaths occur in automobiles that are swept downstream. Some basic safety tips for flash floods are:

  • If you live in a flood prone area have an evacuation plan.
  • Store materials like sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber for protection from floodwaters and to make quick repairs after a severe storm.
  • Store materials above flood levels.
  • Secure wanted objects to prevent them from floating away.
  • Learn where to find high ground, which is safe from flooding. In a flash flood seek high ground quickly.
  • Contact an insurance agent to discuss flood insurance coverage. Flood losses are not covered under normal homeowners' insurance policies. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program. Get coverage early-there is a waiting period before it takes effect.


  • Driving around barricades is illegal and dangerous.
  • Do not let children play near storm drains or washes after a heavy rain.
  • Avoid low-water crossings.
  • Avoid camping in a wash or in the bottom of a canyon with steep side slopes.
  • Be especially cautious at night. Flood dangers are much more difficult to see in the dark.
  • Even a less serious urban flood can be dangerous. Driving too fast through standing water can cause a car to hydroplane. The best defense is to slow down or pull well off the road (with the lights off) for a few minutes to wait out heavy rains.
  • Avoid areas already flooded, especially if the water is flowing fast.
  • Do not attempt to cross flowing streams.
  • Do not camp or park a vehicle along streams and washes, particularly during threatening conditions.
  • If flooding occurs, get to higher ground. Get out of areas subject to flooding. This includes dips, low spots, canyons, washes, etc.
  • Roadbeds may be washed out under floodwaters. Never drive through flooded roadways.
  • If your vehicle is suddenly caught in rising water, leave it immediately and seek higher ground.
  • If a traffic signal is out, treat the intersection as a 4-way stop.
  • As little as ten inches of water can float average-sized cars, mini-vans, SUVs and trucks. Strength of the flow is the critical force.

If you only take away ONE thing, please remember:

When in doubt, wait it out, or find a safer route! 

For more information on Monsoon Season, safety tips/tricks and preparedness, please visit:

Think we only do residential, think again!

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Commercial We can handle any sized disaster with our community of trained technicians and project managers.

While the image in your mind of SERVPRO might be the house logo that our company has proudly displayed for years, don't let it fool you, we are also trained experts in commercial restoration. 

Why choose SERVPRO for your commercial restoration needs? Simply, we have the resources for any sized disaster. With over 1800 franchises in the United States, there is always someone to call if a situation presents itself that our crew has not seen before. The franchises can also work together to make sure that there are always enough crew members and equipment for any project. 

It's why SERVPRO was the choice to help in the Pentagon after the September 11th attacks. It's why we are always the best choice, any time of day or night, 365 days a year. 

If you have questions or find yourself with a problem, please call 602-341-6737 or SERVPRO of Paradise Valley

Arizona Fire Season is here

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Bush Fire Regardless of if your home or business is affected by flames, it might still have secondary damage from wildfires.

Arizona had a bit more rain than normal through the winter this year, while it made the desert and forest up north beautiful with green trees and plants, it also is helping fuel the fire season this summer. 

While we here at SERVPRO of Paradise Valley hope that the fire season comes and goes without any more damage to the flora, fauna, and property, know that we are always here to help. 

Driving around the valley right now you can see the Bush fire from almost any freeway overpass, burning just outside of the metro area, it is now in the top 5 largest wildfires in Arizona and is still only 75% contained. 

Even if your home or business doesn't get damaged by the flames, we are here to help clean after soot and ash makes its way into your property. If you need assistance please call 602-341-6737

Toilet Supply Lines, how to minimize your risk

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet supply line Don't let a leaky supply line cause you headaches. Check them regularly.

Most everyone in the Phoenix metro area has never had to use an outhouse. Unless you are out hiking on one of our wilderness trails or visiting a ghost town, most places have indoor plumbing.

While we may now take the luxury of never having to go outside for granted, it still has it disadvantages. The chance that bringing that water inside can cause damage to your home or business is the biggest drawback.

First, think of how fast the water flows back into your toilet after each flush. Now, think about how much water would come out of that hose if it wasn't attached to the toilet tank. In under an hour, it could possibly flood your entire house.

To help this, have a qualified professional check your supply lines every few years. Replace them as necessary and remember to not over torque the connection between the hose and the toilet. 

However, even with quality parts and a qualified professional maintaining them, there is still an opportunity for failure. If that does happen please call SERVPRO of Paradise Valley at 602-341-6737. 

3 great reasons to love the SERVPRO model

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Always here to help! SERVPRO is always here to help

As the top disaster recovery and restoration and 27th overall best franchise on the 2020 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list, there are a lot of positives to owning a SERVPRO franchise. If you are thinking about becoming a franchise owner, consider these three benefits of the SERVPRO model.

1. Locally Owned With Corporate Reach
All SERVPRO franchises are locally owned. As a local franchise owner, you will be positioned to respond quickly to the needs of customers in Paradise Valley, Arizona. By being available to your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, you will be able to help them get their homes and businesses restored to preloss condition as rapidly as possible. However, because you will have the power of the SERVPRO brand at your disposal, you will not be going it alone. SERVPRO's corporate resources, marketing, training, and name recognition will help position you as a leader in the industry.

2. Industry Leader
SERVPRO was founded in 1967 and has consistently ranked among the leaders in the industry for decades. SERVPRO's network of certified technicians, at more than 1700 locations nationwide, are trusted to be experts in their field. This has helped to make SERVPRO a preferred vendor for many major insurance companies. Clients trust SERVPRO to be Faster to Any Size Disaster, whether it is a small, individual job or a multi-million dollar project. As a SERVPRO franchise owner, customers will know they can trust you in their time of need.

3. Always in Demand
In a world fraught with uncertainty, one thing you can count on is that there will always be fires, storms, and other disasters. As a franchise owner, your services will always be in demand to help customers get back on their feet.
Owning a SERVPRO franchise will put you in a position to help your local community, while also running a thriving, in-demand, industry-leading business. SERVPRO has all the components you need to be a successful franchise owner.

How does the fire restoration process work?

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Restoration Call the pro's at SERVPRO of Paradise Valley for any size fire.

Leave Fire Damage Restoration To The Paradise Valley Pros For Best Results

What Happens During A Fire Damage Restoration?

 Once you realize that your home has been subjected to a fire in Paradise Valley, you may be inclined to start the cleanup process on your own. However, this is never the ideal course of action to take. In fact, fire damage restoration professionals will be able to do a much more thorough, effective job than most residential property owners. Learn more about how a team of professionals can expedite and optimize the fire damage restoration process by reviewing the outline that appears below:

 The Assessment

 When a team of Paradise Valley fire damage restoration contractors come to your home, they will complete a thorough assessment of your property. The assessment is designed to give the professionals a clear understanding of how much damage has transpired on your property. To attain this information, the contractors will examine both the interior and exterior of your living space. After the assessment is complete, the contractors will be able to devise a clear, concise strategic plan that outlines how the restoration process will be exacted.

 Water Removal

 In many cases, Paradise Valley fire damage results in excess standing water on your property as a result of the extinguishing work completed by the fire department. As such, the remediation specialists will work with skill and speed to remove this excess water. To accomplish the objective quickly and correctly, contractors will utilize specialized equipment like power pumps and vacuums. This process is imperative for several reasons, one of them being that water removal prevents the onset of a mold invasion.

 Drying And Dehumidifying

 After removing excess water from your property, the remediation specialists will complete the drying and dehumidifying work. This step is important because the floors and walls of your property will typically retain excess water. This excess water will result in warping, swelling, and even the complete breakdown of the property. This is why contractors will utilize advanced methodologies and specialized equipment to ensure that all remaining moisture is removed from your household structures.


 The last step of the restoration process is cleaning. The remediation crew will typically offer a wide range of cleaning services, some of which include antimicrobial, antibacterial, and disinfectant treatments.

Although dealing with fire damage can be difficult, hiring a team of professional contractors can make the restoration process simple and seamless. The team to call for precise, detail-oriented services that work is SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians will work with diligence and determination to get your property back in excellent condition.

If you need assistance please call SERVPRO of Paradise Valley at 602-341-6737, we'll be "faster to any disaster"

Choose SERVPRO, help your clients restore and rebuild

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage

If you have clients in the Paradise Valley, AZ, area who are dealing with storm or flood damage, a storm restoration specialist can help, especially one as qualified as SERVPRO. Many of your clients may require restoration services following a disaster, and it is important to deal with a company that delivers not only on quick response times but also corporate assistance with the claims process. However, response time and claims assistance are only a fraction of the services provided.

1. Mitigation

Fundamental storm response must include mitigation practices to ensure that your client’s claim is not hung up on a technicality. Through board up, fencing and tarping services, your client’s property is protected from worsening existing damage as well as trespassers, animals and weather, ensuring a successful claim.

2. Cleanout

Before storm restoration and loss assessments can begin, it is necessary to clean out the home, ensuring that all damage is visible and known. It is not enough to remove excess water from flooding; debris must be removed and separated into actual rubbish and damaged insured items so that loss can be documented properly.

3. Restoration

Once proof of loss has been documented and all assessments and estimates approved, then it is time to move forward with the restoration work. This work may be extensive, requiring demolition and reconstruction, but in the end, your clients can return to their repaired home.

4. Claims Information Center

Beyond the services offered to your client, it is essential that you have access to the progress of the work and the claim. For you to understand fully the work being proposed, you can access the Claims Information Center and review similar claims as well as the progress on your own.

Storm restoration is a necessary solution to the misfortune severe weather can bring, and while it is your job as an insurance agent to help your clients rebuild through funding, it is the job of restoration companies, like SERVPRO, to restore the physical structure and help make the claims process as speedy as possible.

For more information please call 602-341-6737

SERVPRO Has the Answers for Flood Damage Cleanup and Disinfection in Paradise Valley

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Paradise Valley Paradise Valley, AZ

Storm Damage to Your Paradise Valley Home May Require Professional Flood Restoration

The end of winter and the onset of spring often brings storms in the Paradise Valley area that leave a lot of precipitation and damage. If your home is subjected to high winds, snow, sleet, and rain, you may have to call the professionals for restoration. Our team at SERVPRO understands how unpredictable the weather can be, which is why we have specialized processes in place to tackle all your flood mitigation needs.

Should you have flood damage in Paradise Valley, taking quick action to mitigate appropriately is critical. Even though the floodwaters recede, they leave behind sludge filled with bacteria and other contaminants. Known as black water, floodwater must be addressed carefully so that you and your family can get back to life as usual without potential health hazards. With a simple phone call, we deploy a team that comes out to your home, perform an assessment, and put cleanup measures into motion to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Initial Restoration Measures

Any carpeting throughout your home impacted by floodwater is usually discarded if it is unable to be cleaned thoroughly and restored. Our skilled technicians know how to quickly perform pack-out services that help remove electronics, furnishings, and other belongings from areas near moisture. Items must be relocated to dry, safe places so that moisture does not take hold. Any damaged items that can be restored are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, followed by deodorization. Items that are not salvageable can be replaced.

Controlled Demolition

Our trained technicians go through your home to determine the best places for flood cuts in the drywall. Floodwater gets behind baseboards and starts to wick up the drywall, so cutting away enough drywall several inches above the area of saturation helps to prevent mold infestation. Flood cuts allow SERVPRO technicians to speed up the drying process by setting up air movers to get into the wall cavities. We also use dehumidifiers to help further removal of vapors from the air.

SERVPRO of Paradise Valley is available whenever you need assistance with flood damage restoration. Give our team a call at 602-341-6737, and we send out a team to begin the assessment process. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service.

Who can I call to remove the water from my Paradise Valley business

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Trooper We might not always dress like Storm Troopers but we always get the job done.

Water can come into your shop for many different reasons. A pipe that bursts in your shop or an adjacent storefront can be the culprit, or a leaky window allows rain to come inside and seep into your walls and carpet. Regardless of the source, controlling the damage is crucial in preventing loss of revenue.

Can't I Just Let my Dehumidifier do the Work?

Dehumidifiers greatly help in evaporating the water in your Paradise Valley store, but it may not be sufficient. On the one hand, your household dehumidifier may not be strong enough to extract water at speed necessary to avoid an escalation of damages. Along the same lines, it may not reach all the cavities in which water may collect. Failure to restore moisture levels can set the stage for complications later, including mold and other bacteria growth. When our SERVPRO team comes into your store, we bring industry-grade equipment to extract water, including the following:

  • Truck-mounted pumps- we choose to use this type of equipment for large volumes of water. We can connect with municipal sewers by local rules and regulations as needed.
  • Submersible pumps- this type of pump handles less volume than truck-mounted but is still a powerful extractor.
  • Extractor wands- the wands help us reach corners and crevices that are otherwise out of reach for other pumps.

Air movers also aid the evaporation process, as do dehumidifiers. Having a choice of water extraction techniques at our disposal makes the process more efficient for you, translating into mitigating the time in which closes your business to customers.

SERVPRO of Paradise Valley is your ally when water comes into your commercial establishment. Contact us at 602-341-6737 and let us show you how we can leave your shop, "Like it never even happened."

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home From Storms

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Preventative measures are necessary, especially when it comes to storms. In case you aren’t aware, storm season is March through June. During this three-month period, you want to be prepared at all times. The heroes at SERVPRO of Paradise Valley want you to always be prepared for any storm damage. Preparation is always key. Here are 5 tips to prepare your home for storms.

Seal Your Roof

Storms can be highly unpredictable. You never know the severity of damage it can cause to your home, your belongings, your roof. It’s critical that you hire a professional to reinforce your roof well before strong winds hit. A professional can seal your roof to help protect it from those strong storms. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), “seal your roof deck using “peel and stick” tape along your roof seams, or a “peel and stick” membrane over the entire roof deck, or apply polyurethane foam.” If you invest in this now, this can save you hundreds, perhaps thousands, in the future.

Secure Your Windows & Doors

Your windows and doors of your home can be damaged when high winds from storms hit. Ensure you secure your windows and doors. When it comes to your doors, here are some things to check for:

  • Hinges
  • Screws missing
  • Door threshold

According to Nationwide, “be sure the door threshold is tightly screwed into your house and not just the door frame. You may want to consider installing new wind-resistant doors with a high design pressure (DP) rating. The DP rating is a measure of the level of wind force a door system can withstand without failing.” Do you know if you live in a region that’s prone to hurricanes and storms? It’s encouraged that you know this information, especially for preparation purposes. Here are the top five cities most vulnerable to hurricanes. If you live in one of those areas, or an area that is prone to these types of storms, you should heavily consider installing impact-resistant windows. These windows are specifically designed for these very purposes: to withstand forceful windows.   

Secure Fences

When strong winds strike your home, it can strike down fences and other objects that can cause more damage to your residential property. Before this happens, you want to ensure you secure fences to minimize the risk of further damage to other things or worse -- people. When investing in a home -- or if you’re replacing a fence -- factor in the strength and resilience of your fence. Weigh all your options, and make an educated decision. Don’t base your decision to buy a fence on how inexpensive it is. Because that factor alone can be much more expensive for you in the long-term, especially if a storm damages it and your home.      

Create a Family Emergency Plan

With any storm, preparation is key. Now -- not then -- is the time for you to create a family emergency plan so you, your family members and fur babies are well-equipped when a storm strikes. A family emergency plan can help save lives. Here are just a few items to include:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Batteries
  • Communication plan
  • Phone and/or walkie talkies (some form of communication device)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency supplies
  • Important phone numbers

Anchor Loose Objects

If objects, such as grills, bikes, deck furniture, trash cans, etc., are loose when a storm hits your residential property, it can cause windows to break, damage to your vehicles, your home or a human being. It’s vital to anchor loose objects to help minimize the risk of outdoor threats. By adding shrubs of varying lengths, fences, trees in a row are ways to help block high winds. Utilizing landscaping and yard objects can be beneficial in this case.   

We hope you found these 5 tips to prepare your home for storms to be highly beneficial. Storm and flood damage require specialized restoration techniques and apparatus. When a storm hits your home, you need the company with storm damage experience and expertise. SERVPRO of Paradise Valley can respond immediately to storm and flooding conditions. When a storm emergency occurs, we’re here for you 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. Just contact us at 602-341-6737.