Recent Before & After Photos

Glass Cleanup in Paradise Valley 85253

This loss was out of the ordinary for us. As you can see in the before picture there is glass everywhere. We were asked to remove all the glass after one of the... READ MORE

Commercial Water loss in Scottsdale 85254

If your commercial business has a water loss (or any other loss) we’ve got you covered! The Warby Parker in Scottsdale Arizona is our newest proof of that... READ MORE

What is Behind Ceiling # 1

Sometimes, we do not know how much mold there is until we start tearing up the walls and ceilings. This was one of those cases. We knew there was mold present i... READ MORE

Those Pesky Water Heaters

Who loves taking a cold shower or bath? Not me! When I take a shower, I want it as hot as Arizona in the summer. I can only imagine how much strain I put on my ... READ MORE

Can You Tell its Wet?

If you cannot tell from the paint job already we did work for a T-Mobile store. A toilet began leaking from the bottom (cracked tank) and caused the bathroom an... READ MORE

Sink Mold

Under a kitchen sink is a common place for mold. There is a lot of water coming in and out of that area and sometimes very minor leaks go undetected. Something ... READ MORE

Tall Ceilings in Paradise Valley

Tall ceilings can be tricky but if you have the right equipment it is the same as having 8-foot ceilings. For this job, we had to set up the scaffold to safely ... READ MORE

Fire in Paradise Valley Home

This fire was obvious where it started by looking throughout the house and assessing the damage. One of the bedrooms upstairs had substantially more damage than... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Paradise Valley, Az.

Any leak in your roof can devastate your home. This leak however was caught before that could happen. This leak was isolated in the garage of the home. As you c... READ MORE

Electrical Fire

This fire was the unfortunate result of an electrical fire. Thankfully the fire was contained quickly resulting in minimal damage from the actual fire but ... READ MORE